Brain Enhancing Drugs – Do They Really Work?

Whether you admit it or not, there will always be a point when you get tired and exhausted. It’s not something that you would want but it’s actually your body’s natural way of telling you to take some time off. However, with the fast pace of the world today, you need to be at your best all the time.

Productivity and effectivity are just two of the most coveted goals that any person would want whether at work or in school. Fortunately, medical research has come up with the perfect solution- smart drugs. Smart drugs were created to boost the cognitive functions of the brain that includes focus and attention. Question is, do they really work? Read on and find out.

Who uses smart drugs?

There are actually a lot of people who use brain enhancing drugs to maximize their potentials. Some of those who use smart drugs are students and professionals who are always on the go and would like to stay as competitive as they can be without compromising health and well-being.


One popular study drug that’s consistently used by students is Piracetam. This smart drug is derived from the brain chemical GABA which naturally occurs. It was created and developed by Corneliu Giurgea, PhD.  Giurgea is the person responsible for making up the term nootropic which is referred to as a substance which improves the functions of the brain without harming the body.

There are actually several theories as to how the drug works. It is known to improve blood flow that leads to the brain in order to increase the performance of the neurotransmitter which is related to learning and memory. Piracetam is the most commonly used among the racetam set that includes oxiracetam and aniracetam, among others.

Some studies state that it only works for older people who suffer from dementia. There is also an evidence where it works well with people who experienced a stroke or brain injury. The most common side effect for Piracetam is a throbbing headache. The legal status and availability of this drug vary for different countries. Piracetam can be bought online from people who specialize in nootropics.


Initially, this smart drug was created to treat various sleeping disorders such as sleep apnea and narcolepsy. It was only later on discovered that it can also act as brain enhancing medication. It enhances the functions of the brain and stimulates the mood. You are able to focus on your task without getting anxious or jittery as compared to other stimulants like caffeine. It gives you a natural high that isn’t bad at all as you are able to perform better without the addictive feel. Decision making and planning are also done with ease as this smart drug improves your concentration and minimizes impulsive behaviors.

Headache and nausea are two of the most common side effects of armodafinil. This smart drug is a prescription medicine so you can buy it in leading drugstores so long as you have consulted with your doctor. If you want to buy armodafinil online, you can also do so, so long as you get it from a reliable online supplier. Going Here will lead you to a trustworthy supplier that’s committed to quality of products and services.

Ritalin and Adderall

Normally used to treat ADHD, these smart drugs work by expanding the levels of norepinephrine and dopamine in the brain. It helps with impulsiveness, poor memory and mood swings that are usually experience by people suffering from ADHD. Eventually, it was discovered that it also works for people without the said condition as it makes anyone who take it feel awake and alert. It can help you focus more. However, it doesn’t work if the task in mentally complex. Decision making may be a little difficult and  it may not work for you during major examinations at school

Major side effects for this smart drug include chest pain, fever, bladder pain, and joint pain. However, there are more serious side effects which you should take note of like heart attack and stroke. For this reason, you need to be extra careful in taking it. Always consult your doctor first before you take Ritalin and Adderall.

Seems like most of us are unable to keep up with the fast pace of the world today. Beating deadlines is the thing today. Sometimes, no matter how much you think you can manage your time, there will always be a particular moment when you will feel so down and helpless. Brain enhancing drugs help us stay alert and focus on our goals. If you want to be able to do more without abusing your body, you may need a little boost from these smart drugs. However, you also have to take note that there are certain side effects. It is for the best that you pay a visit to your doctor first before you take any.