How to deal with Poor Hair Transplant

Baldness or hair loss among men and women comes as a result of various causes. Some occur due to medical condition while others come as a result of genetic issues and some also occur because of harmful hairstyle routine. Luckily, if you are one of those individuals who suffer from baldness, currently there are effective ways you reverse this condition. Hair Transplant in Detroit provides hair implant surgery, performed strictly by the certified surgeon only.

Hair transplant strategy technique is to implant hair on scalp area to make the regrow normally again. Similar to any other medical strategy, hair transplant also comes with its drawbacks. Additionally, not every hair implant technique can offer the desired outcomes particular those that are carried out by unprofessional specialists. Here are several tips that will assist you in learning how you should term poor hair transplant:

Oversized Grafts 

Oversized grafts problem usually a contrast occur between the thickness of hair attachment and the donated hair. At this point, it can cause an ugly patch appearance on an individual’s scalp.

Excessive or Broad Low Hairlines

 This setback can occur when a specialist who was performing a hair transplant made an error, for instance, hairline re-establishment. Such a condition can cause excessive hair on an upper brow. Such a problem can make the patient face appear twisted.

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Wrong Direction Hair Transplant

Wrong direction hair transplant usually occurs during a hair transplant. It is whereby a specialist places transplanted hair contrary to the development of the natural hair of the patient. To solve this issue, a doctor tends to implant the grafts in the opposite direction of the scalp especially when they are using large grafts.


Of course, even little grafts can result in substantial injuries on the scalp. If this occurs, scalps must have scars, and this can be the beginning of setbacks. These scars can result in various problems, for instance, an increase of grafted hair noticeable irregularities on scalps areas and unusual hair regrowth. These problems can cause a severe negative impact on a patient that will eventually result in big hair transplant failure.


Hair transplant in Detroit has taken serious precaution against wrong hair implant, and therefore they’ve assured all their client that in case of a poor hair transplant, effective techniques are standby to assist. However, the strategy may result so some drawbacks, but at the end of the day, the mistake will be corrected.