Pros and Cons of Breastfeeding and Baby Formula

Pros and Cons of Breastfeeding and Baby Formula

The debate on feeding a newborn with baby formula has not finally ended yet. Experts continue to speak for and against the milk supplements and argue that nature’s gift of breastfeeding is the best. However, some experts question the sole dependency on mother’s milk in all circumstances. So, while the debate continues, mothers can wisely take a cautious approach and settle for what is best for the baby.

The experts have been debating whether milk supplements or breastfeeding is best for a newborn, citing their pros and cons. The trend has changed from when baby formula was considered fashionable and breastfeeding as backwardness. Then, the mothers returned to breastfeeding as they thought it was nature’s way of ensuring the well-being of their babies. When the trend was in favor of the milk supplements, the mothers used to have the excuse that they are working mothers and do not have the time to breastfeed. Now, with doctors and nutritionist advocating breastfeeding with new evidence of benefits for the baby, mothers have once again gone back to the breastfeeding ways. It would help if you did not worry about these trends and decide what is good for the newborn.

Here are some benefits that baby formula can carry for the newborn. The first one is that mothers can feed their babies by bottle easily and conveniently in a public place. For some ladies, breastfeeding in public is sometimes embarrassing. Bottle feeding is less time consuming for mothers. It takes only up to 15 minutes for the baby to suck the milk from a bottle as against much longer time taken for breastfeeding. For a newborn, the mother has to dedicate up to 4 hours for breastfeeding alone, which may not always be convenient for working women. So, bottled milk is better if a shortage of time is your prime concern.

The baby formula comes in handy even for the father or relatives when the baby needs feeding, while the mother can only do breastfeeding. A clear advantage of bottle feeding is that the mother has more time to sleep as the father can help offer the baby formula to the newborn. Even a babysitter or grandparent can help. The bottle has the measurements marked on them which allows us to see how much milk has been consumed by the baby. Mothers cannot know about the quantity of milk taken by the baby when breastfeeding. So, her worries about the baby eating or not eating enough are not there when bottle feeding.

Another benefit cited in favor of baby formula feeding through the bottle is that the baby consumes lots of milk in one feeding. Hence, the baby does not feel hungry for the next three to four hours. This is due to the milk protein formula that keeps the baby satisfied and full for a longer period. In the breastfeeding case, the baby has to be fed every two hours and keeps the mother busy in feeding alone.

Baby formula feeding is ideal for mothers who have to take medicine for ailments. These medicines can have a damaging impact on the baby due to breastfeeding. So, the mother does not have to worry about medicine and can take when necessary. She can even have her drinks. An advantage of baby formula for mothers is that they can start dieting after the birth of the baby. In breastfeeding, the mother has to eat fatty foods for more production of milk.

On the other side, breastfeeding is nature’s way of giving the necessary nutrients to the baby for the proper growth of the body and brain. We can say that natures know it all and so, there can be no debate over breastfeeding. However, the busy lives of women in modern civilizations forces them to buy baby formula for their newborn.

It would be good if women can mix both the ways of feeding a baby. There are advantages in both the baby formula feeding and breastfeeding. Hence, a mother can always provide the benefits of both. If the mother is not producing enough milk, she can provide necessary nutrients through feeding with an efficient and recommended milk supplement. It’s advisable that a mother should never completely stop breastfeeding even when starting the bottle milk. A wiser way should be the mother starts with breastfeeding first. Then, at the time the baby is bored with taking the milk from the breast, the mother can offer the bottle milk for a change. The baby will like it and this way, more milk and nutrients can be ensured for the newborn.