how to prevent dengue

The best guide to help prevent the chances of dengue


The dengue fever can take one of the worst shapes of it is not controlled well into me. So, there is a need to take extra measures risk to see to that they do not start taking the deadly forms. Taking dengue precautions is very necessary.

  1. Use of Insect Repellent

One can choose to Use EPA registered type of the insect & flies repellents which can prove to be safe and effective, as well as pose no danger to the pregnant and breastfeeding women. One needs to be Reapply insect repellent. However, it must is remembered to never spray repellent on the surface of the skin under the clothing. One must not how we use it on the surfaces of the babies of 2 months old. One must avoid the use of oil of lemon eucalyptus (OLE) based or the para-methane-diol (PMD) based products on the skin of children below 3 years old.

 how to prevent dengue

  1. Protection of the baby or child

One need to Dress the child in clothing which can easily cover arms and legs. There is also a need to see to the proper Cover with the crib, stroller, as well as the baby carrier which can be Associated with the mosquito netting. As an adult one should choose Wear long-sleeved shirts and pants. There is a need for the proper treatment of the boots, pants, socks, as well as the ts, which can be favoured with the use of permethrin* or buy permethrin. One need to go with those products that can actually help the protection will last.

  1. There is a need to take steps for the control of mosquitoes inside and outside

This canned achieved with the Use of the screens on windows and as well as. One needs to get eth rooms cleaned so that the mosquitoes stay outside. One can also choose to Use air conditioning whenever available. of the  room is not air-conditioned or screened or needs to perfectly use nets while sleeping outdoors. At times, one needs to empty and scrub, go with the idea of turn over, cover, as well as throw out items holding water. sources like to res, buckets, toys, pools, flowerpots, or trash pushed be always kept in a hygienic condition to see to that the inside-outside is clean.


When one wishes to go on a holiday, there is a necessity to go with the Packing od a travel health kit. One needs to also carry with themselves the insect repellent kit that can help prevent mosquito bites. Prior to going outside one can choose to visit a practising physician to get the precautions done all well in advance.