general types of aphrodisiacs

The four general types of aphrodisiacs that you have to know

There is a long-standing debate about aphrodisiacs to whether or not it is a fact or a fiction, however, there are many pieces of evidence that shows mostly with the latter, but, when it comes to aphrodisiacs, one should never underestimate the power of sensual suggestion to improve sexual function.

According to studies, there are about 25-percent up to 63-percent of American women, majority of them already experiencing the postmenopausal stage have a type of sexual dysfunction where they do not have the regular sexual drive to their partners, and a lot of news lately that creates a troubled situation between married couples nowadays are pinning the hopes of their married lives to luck because of factors like their career, stress, and hectic schedules that badly affect their relationship with each other especially their sexual relationship.

Then comes in aphrodisiacs, which are basically foods and substances which are considered to stimulate the sexual desires of a person, however, can it truly make the effects a lot better by simply eating these type of foods to enhance your mood to make love? Actually, yes, but not in the way that a lot of people think about it.

reproduction hypothesis

There is no food that has been proven scientifically that stimulates the human reproductive organs, but foods, and the act of eating it suggests with sexual intention to the mind, can help stimulate the desire of the human body to have sexual intercourse which comes to a conclusion that it all comes to the mind of a person of how he or she badly wants to get laid, and a sure bonus to it, there is no negativity when you want to stack your sexual odds in your favor by binge eating these type of foods that are considered aphrodisiacs with your partner.

There are five types of aphrodisiacs that you have to know, and historically, aphrodisiacs have fallen into four general types, which are all based on different theories. For more information about this, read it at selfgrowth.

  • Spicy foods- These type of foods creates warmth and increasing temperature to a human body, and for females, aside from warmth, it also moistens their reproductive organ that stimulates their body to have sexual intercourse. If you would notice, when you eat spicy foods, your heart rate increases and you start to sweat which can help stimulate your sexual desire.
  • Foods shaped like a sexual organ- There are a lot of foods out there that is shaped like a sexual organ like cucumber, eggplant, banana, oyster, peaches, and other types of vegetables and fruits which are highly associated to be an effective aphrodisiac which is why a lot of people eats it with the hopes that their sex drive will finally turn up again.
  • The reproduction hypothesis- People who want to improve their sex drive eats animals’ reproductive organs and eggs where it is thought to be a very potent aphrodisiac.
  • Exotic foods- They say if the food is exotic, it is erotic. Foods which are considered rare or expensive can be sexually exciting especially exotic foods that you can only try tasting in other countries.