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How to Differentiate the Test Kits You Need

You must be aware that some drug manufacturers these days try to pass off less expensive types of ingredients as ecstasy to make more profit. To unsuspecting users, this could be dangerous. This dilemma paved the way to the creation and availability of reagent test kits.

Reagent testing is the process of identifying substances in the pill. In the end, it will keep your health safe. Testing kits include The Hofmann reagent, The Ehrlich reagent, The Simon’s reagent, The Mecke reagent, and the marquis reagent test kit.

These tests can be confusing for a beginner but you have to understand the difference between these kits. Here are the different types of reagent kits:

When to use The Hofman reagent test?

The Hofmann reagent is a test for LSD – the most potent and mood-changing chemical. This chemical is found in ergot fungus. When considering this test, it should turn pink or light purple signifying LSD content.

When to use The Ehrlich reagent test?

The Ehrlich reagent is actually the go-to test for LSD. Actually, the test result is similar to The Hofman reagent – it should turn pink or purple signifying LSD content. In this test, the LSD on the blotter can be tested as it is. However, the liquid should be treated differently.

The liquid needs to be placed on untreated paper. Do not forget to dry the paper before you utilise the test kit. The paper will react with the fluid. You can confirm this by adding a drop of the liquid on the untreated paper – if the paper does not alter in color, it is fine to utilise in your test.

When to use Simon’s reagent test?

Simon’s reagent can test MDMA and MDA. If the substance has MDMA, it will change to purple. If the substance has MDA, it will not react to the liquid.

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When to use The Mecke reagent test?

The Mecke reagent reacts to MDMA. It can also produce different results for DXM and cathinones. Aside from these, The Mecke reagent can be used to test the presence of certain opiates and 2C-T-x variants.

When to use The Marquis reagent test?

The most famous test for spotting the presence of MDMA is The Marquis reagent. You have to remember that test results develop rather quickly because of a reaction to oxygen and moisture. Essentially, MDMA presence is indicated if you see purple to black color in less than five seconds.

The Marquis reagent can be bought online. While there are many manufacturers around, you should pick a reliable and reputable one. To get started, you should read reviews. The reviews will give you an insight into the experiences of other users. With this, you can make an informed buying decision.

When you purchase, the instructions are provided – you just make sure that you follow it solemnly. You should also look into storage and handling to ensure that the test kit does not degrade. You should remember three things – wear gloves when rinsing the test vile and spoon, tightly seal the cap and keep away from light and high-temperature exposure.