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Incredible facts about E-Conic Retro Mint

We all love feeling fabulous when riding around doing our errands. This is why Xds Bicycle Company has come up with the E-CONIC retro mint bike. A vintage bike that meets modern technology that will leave you feeling fabulous around the market corner and simultaneously reduce your worry on the constant maintenance of a vintage bike.

Performance features

The E-CONIC first addresses the issue of posture. Fitted with a comfortable Cionlli rail, spring saddle and swept back handlebars the rider is ensured that they will be riding in an upright posture which provides spinal support.

xds bikes

XDS bikes allow you to be in control and in the E-CONIC, a large backlit Bafang LCD display and in-built controller gives you absolute control. The LCD screen shows your ride statistics such as your average speed, maximum speed and also the distance covered. This is an excellent feature of most bicycles produced by the XDS Bicycle Company. Knowing your ride statistics can be beneficial especially when you need to check on your health and have a daily dose of exercise when running simple errands.

What powers the LCD Screen?

A Panasonic Lithium-Ion battery also comes in handy to make your bike experience even better as it powers your LCD and keeps you going. The XDS bikes come fitted with this battery that has been tested against international standards and is ensured of durability and longevity.

Like most XDS bikes, the E-CONIC comes fitted with the Shimano Altus Drivetrain. The Drivetrain specifically adapts to your terrain whether it you are climbing hills or you are cycling along city flats. A perfect gear ratio is maintained by the 8- speed Drivetrain. This ensures that your effort is transmitted seamlessly to provide maximum torque while riding.

A superior stopping power is mandatory for a superior bike such as is common for most XDS bikes. Therefore this bike is fitted with Tektro disc brakes. These discs have optimum functionality in any condition whether muddy or wet conditions. Therefore these brakes are ideal for riding in all conditions ensuring that your schedule and errands are not halted by the rain or terrain conditions.


Additional features such as the front and rear mud guard ensure that any weather condition is an ideal riding condition. It also comes fitted with and alloy rear rack and front cane basket making it a practical bike for any journey. Whether it is a trip down to the market or to the hill side, you can always trust an XDS creation such as the E-CONIC. Fetch yourself an XDS bike like E-CONIC and see for yourself.