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Your Feet are Killing You? Try wide soccer cleats!

Children who are passionate about football should be given the opportunity to learn and improve their skills, which means that they should have what they need. Football boots are also, fortunately, designed for children, and you can help your little star enjoy what he does best and still be safe. Football boots for children are very elegant, but there are factors that should certainly guide you to the best soccer cleats for wide feet.

Measure small feet

Footwork, especially from a professional, can do a lot to ensure that the child gets the best partner. Considering that the feet can vary in size, measurements should be taken for both feet and should be carried out when the child is standing and supporting all body weight on the wide feet. The pair you choose should match the one that fits the biggest leg. However, blocks for children should not be larger than the width of the big toe after the big toe, as they can affect the ability to play and race.

Choose best upper fabric for wide feet

Young football players adapt to synthetic fabrics, because they are largely waterproof, durable, versatile and lightweight. Fabrics are also much easier to break down and provide a comfortable fit compared to conventional materials, because they hold the shape longer than the upper parts of the skin and stretch over time.

Although if you are older player, synthetics may not work for you. Your feet is already shaped and you need to shape – widen your cleats according to your feet. In such occasion k-leather soccer cleats would be the best option for you. As they tend to stretch more than synthetics.

Always think about tying

The fact that the football heel is held in place really matters how comfortable the child will feel and the ability to run and hit the ball. Asymmetrical lacing systems are among the best because they provide a large impact surface. Clips with textured tops, on the other hand, contribute to better ball grabbing. Whatever you choose, make sure that it does not interfere with the work.

If you want unique look and oddly shaped feet then try wearing Puma Netfit soccer cleats. They have introduced new type of lacing system. This system allows to lace each shoe differently and tighten/loosen different parts of your feet.

Choose strong studs

Despite the fact that wide soccer cleats are designed for certain playing surfaces, durable ground studs are the most suitable choice for children and young players to get used to this popular sport. Such studs tend to be constantly cast in the sole of the shoe and are versatile in a wide variety of field conditions.

However, it is important to remember that your child may need special indoor cleats if he plays in a futsal championship. Internal studs can be like outdoor cleats.

soccer cleats

Pay attention to the interiors of the bay

Studs with an inner lining for socks are usually better, especially for children. Textile components contribute to better moisture management and regulation. The low profile, lightweight inner lining improves shock absorption without additional volume, so you can be sure that your child will be comfortable and safe while playing.


Extra wide soccer cleats come in a wide range and it can be a little confusing which one is best for your child or you. You can use reviews about the to make the right decision and choose the one that will give your child a pleasant gaming experience.