Innovative Fundraising Ideas

Plan Better Events With Innovative Fundraising Ideas

Non-profits are usually involved in different causes which they make their organizations mission; however for these missions to be accomplished there is a need for a steady source of revenue. The sources of revenue these organizations rely on are mostly fundraising ideas and events.

What are fundraising events?

Fundraising is a process of procuring financial support for various causes using different events and ideas as their instrument. Fundraising is not just asking for money from donators but it is about involving the donators in a good cause. Fundraising helps non-profits make some relations, spread awareness and also bring in new donors.  Fundraising involves many activities strung together from setting a goal to attract new donors and retain the older ones.

Some ideas for fundraising

There are hundreds of fundraising ideas to choose from. Each and every idea comes with their set of pros and cons and one need to be careful while selecting one such idea. But overall fundraising events should be fun to participate in, it should create the needed awareness and most importantly it should serve its financial purpose.

Fundraising ideas

Let’s see some of the very famous fundraising ideas:

  • Peer-to-peer fundraising involves donors and their peers and families to join in fun activities together and thus create a larger support group.
  • Charity auctions are most profitable as it involves great items and prizes for the donors in the end.
  • Donation kiosks are a great alternative as donors don’t have to rely on cash and check and can pay through debit and credit card.
  • Online donations are also great in this millennial world and one can collect more donations from across the globe using great web pages.
  • Crowdfunding involves a large group of people with small donations. These ideas go viral in small time and can raise a lot of money.
  • Donations involving some great gifts like custom T-shirts, caps, jewelry etc. can be promising and usually attracts many young donors.
  • Marathons like a walkathon, bikeathon etc. are a great annual event which brings in a large number of people together.

Things to keep in mind while arranging a fundraiser

There are usually lots of things which one should be very clear to make a fundraising event successful. Some of them are:

  • Purpose of the fundraiser should be clear.
  • The budget should be pre-planned.
  • It should be well discussed among the organization that who will be leading the event.
  • Always chalk out the kind audience one is trying to approach.
  • Set-up of the event should be well managed.
  • Proper marketing and advertising of the event will make sure that it reaches more target audience.
  • The delegation of work among committee members should be well managed.
  • And lastly, one should make sure of thanking the donors for their support.

Fundraising ideas should be innovative to attract more people around it and one should never forget about the audience and donor feedbacks which will help in bringing improvements to the project. Fundraising is like any other management project which involves a lot of planning and accurate execution. Look for better ideas of fundraising and be a substantial part of a greater good.