Importance of HTTPS-Based Website and Techniques of SEO

In 2014 Google confirmed that the websites URL structure starts from the HTTPS will get the extra boost in the race of higher ranking on search engine results. The https and SEO work together for the higher ranking of a website in the search engine. If you think that what the difference between HTTPS and HTTP is, then I have to say that one single letter “S.” The “S” letter makes a huge difference between both of them; it stands for the security and security of the websites. If you are visiting the site with the URL structure of HTTPS, then you are using the secure network, and your personal details will not disclose and leaked by the website interface.


Reasons Why HTTPS must enable to the website:

  • Better for search: The HTTPS website URL structure helps in increasing the chances of higher ranking and it also easy to search by the new users and existing users. If your website has a similar looking website, then Google algorithm works for the ranking of both the website, but if another website URL structure starts from the HTTP, then it is higher chance that your website will rank first.
  • Secure for users: The HTTPS website gets the first preference in the Google ranking. It is because the website URL structure HTTPS used the connection of SSL which means a better and secure platform for the user. In this website, a user will get the incredible experience of the navigate the website and peace of mind for not disclosing and shared their personal details like logins passwords, debit card details, credit card details and net banking.

The HTTPS-based URL structure will appear on the first page and rank first on the search engine rather than HTTP URL structure websites. If you run a business and also a business website, then you must use the HTTPS URL structure website, because it will bring more traffic towards your business website which helps in ranking higher in the Google Search Engine. The user will also get the peace of mind for using the website without any fear of theft and steal from the cybercriminals and hackers. If you have a website which is HTTPS based, then you must also have the SSL connection into the web server which helps in protecting your customer details from the hackers and cybercriminals. It also makes it easy for the website with https and SEO for working towards the website for higher ranking.

Techniques used by the SEO:

  1. It helps in improving the entire interface of the website for the better user experience.
  2. Clear the topic instead of keywords.
  3. Detail information if required.
  4. Create a variety of back links.
  5. Create the local listing of the website.
  6. Voice search optimization.