watch movies online free

Everything you need to know to download any  series and movies on your Android

Previously, some people prefer to buy CDs or DVDs in the market, but even that scenario has become old. People do not want to spend money on expensive DVDs, but would like to watch movies online, visit websites that offer streaming services online. This also eliminates the likely annoyance of keeping discs safe from scratches or suffering from sticky CDs or bad impressions.

watch movies online free

However, there are some disadvantages too, if you want to watch free movies online movies online. First of all, the website you are using may not be trustworthy and could be used to hack the system or to obtain your personal information. Because of this, some people fear watching movies online. But this problem can be addressed by using only trusted websites and downloading movies legally. One should never be fooled by flashy ads, rather you should first check the authenticity of the web page in question and then decide whether to use it or not.

Video quality of the download

If our device is just storage it is best to download the contents in standard quality, the download will be much faster and take up less space. For example, the first chapter of The Crown occupies 255 MB in standard quality compared to 0.92 GB of high quality, or the Lucy movie will go from 358 MB of standard quality to 1.4 GB of high quality.

View and manage your downloads

All our downloads appear in our My Downloads section . The chapters are grouped by series. There we will also see the download process offering the option to pause or cancel the download .

Remove downloads

To eliminate the titles that we no longer want to have available without connection in our device we can press the edit icon and select the chapters, series, movies or documentaries that we want to eliminate. If we want to eliminate all downloads we will find this option in the configuration of the application.


We can download all the titles that we want while our device has storage available. In the configuration of the application we see the memory that Netflix is ​​using with its downloads and what is available. The downloads are queued.

Another disadvantage for people who like to watch free movies online is that when downloading movies, it can take a long period of time. . Choose a more expensive plan for your Internet still save your money since you will be able to download the latest movies on your computer in very less time.

Thus, there are two disadvantages and advantages of watching movies online, but if you can use the Internet in the right way then certainly advantages outweigh the drawbacks or rather make them minimal.