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What are the types of hearing aids electronic working?

Hearing aid is an electronic device that works differently based on the electronics used. There are two types of electronics used with the machine. They are analog and digital aid. The working of both the electronic device is explained over here in this article.

Analog aid – This type of electronic device converts sound waves into electronic signal that is amplified through amplifier. This is an adjustable device that helps in hearing aid. It can be custom built to meet the user need. The aid is then programmed by the manufacturer according to the specification prescribed by the audiologists. Analog aid is a programmable device that has more than one program or setting. The program is done through audiologists. Once you experience practically with the programmed device, you can change the program according to different listening environment. The programmable device can be used in all types of hearing aids from small to large room, crowded to quiet room, open areas, theater or stadium. It is comparatively lesser in cost.

Digital aid – Instead of electronic signals, the sound waves are converted into numerical codes like binary codes of a computer before getting amplified. The digital codes also include information related to sound pitch or loudness. The sound device is programmed to amplify the frequency more than others. Digital aid is more convenient for audiologists to design the frequency range than programmable device. It is flexible to adjust the frequency according to user need in certain environment. This device can also be designed to a specific requirement. It is used will all kinds of hearing aids.

Which type of device is best?

The type of hearing aid cannot be chosen by you. It has to be decided by the audiologists. Thus the device can be chosen based on the kind and severity of your hearing loss. The one that your physician prescribes will be the best fit from the type of hearing aids Melbourne. In case you are suffering from hearing loss, you have to generally choose two aids which will help in natural signal processing to brain. Hearing through both ears will help people to react faster to the speech and sound that come gradually. Thus locating the sound needs perfect understanding which can be spot with two hearing aids.

hearing aids melbourne

Along with your audiologists, you have to choose an aid that best suits your lifestyle and need. When choosing a device, you have to consider about the cost. Similar to other kind of devices, style and features of the device affect its cost. Also do not judge a hearing aid benefit with the cost alone, because higher end hearing aid may not work effectively when compared with the least expensive hearing aid. You cannot choose a suitable one based on the price. A hearing aid will not restore hearing capacity. With practical use of this device, deaf people can get the awareness of sounds and the sources. As you have to wear the device regularly, select a device that is more comfortable and convenient.